selected exhibitions and projects

WORK WORK - TinType Gallery London

2nd Nov - 2nd Dec 2017

Curated by Jo Addison, Adam Gillam and Mark Harris

Work Work brings together artists who generate part of their income from their involvement in art education. Full-time, fractional, freelance, fixed term; what does it mean to fluctuate between doing work and making it in the orbit of the art school?

Jo Addison, Buffet d’art, Rachel Cattle, Jenny Dunseath, Volker Eichelmann, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Adam Gillam, Brian Griffiths, Mark Harris, Kevin Hunt, Dean Kenning, John Lawrence, Anna Lucas ,Natasha Kidd, Neill Kidgell, Mary Maclean, Zoe Mendelson, Max Mosscrop, Harold Offeh, Alex Schady, Bob & Roberta Smith, Kate Squires, Emma Talbot, Roxy Walsh, Mandy Ure

IMAGE IMMINENT - Public Lecture at Garage Museum for Contemporary Art, Moscow

October 2016

Invited by the Garage Museum for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia to deliver a Keynote Lecture on the exhibition, Proof —Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein and Robert Longo.

The talk was part of a public symposium that accompanied the show called Image as Power. The lecture entitled ”Image Imminent” was one of 3 public talks by international artists, curators and writers, such as Naum Kleiman (film historian) and Kate Fowles (Chief Curator at the Garage) who individually reflected upon the individual careers of the exhibited artists and the interconnection between their artworks. The lecture discussed the selected works of Goya, Eisenstein and Longo, contextualizing their practices within the framework of key historical cultural and social events. It explored how each artists image archive had developed over time and how the exhibited work was created within the limits and innovations of the technology available at their points in history.

The exhibition toured to The Brooklyn Museum and Munich.

LONDON OPEN 2015 - Whitechapel Gallery, London

July-Sept 2015

Selected for the Whitechapel Gallery’s triennial London Open 2015 by a selection panel including critic Ben Luke, artist Angela de la Cruz, collector Nicoletta Fiorucci, gallerist Jake Miller and Whitechapel Gallery curators Daniel F. Herrmann, Eisler Curator and Head of Curatorial Studies, and Poppy Bowers, Assistant Curator. One of 48 artists chosen from 2,133 applicants. Exhibited nine collages looking at an imagined scheme of social planning / architecture. The work shown explored the visual devices used to propose future planning schemes. The architectural collages were framed and displayed on purpose made A-frames, implying a confused state between proposed consultation and final decision.

It was accompanied by a London Open 2015 Catalogue published by Whitechapel Gallery, catalogue essay by Daniel F. Herrmann, ISBN 978-0-85488-2410

PRO PATRIA - A CONTINUOUS SERIES 2009-2015 - The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea

24th April -31st May 2015.

This solo exhibition was a retrospective of work made between 2009-2015 called the Continuous Series. The works explored the limits of conventionally designated artistic disciplines and practices between the artist, the architect and the designer. There were direct connections to the buildings history as many of the collages were created from images found in back issues of The Architects Journal, the same publication that the competition of for the DLW was announced in 1934. Within the Continuous Series were 3 sub series: Continuous Movement, Continuous Defense and Continuous State.

Continuous Movement examined the process through the production and consumption of printed matter, tracing its material status through mass-production into potential obscurity. Unwanted books were re-appropriated back into the multiplied form of the print.

Continuous Defence and Continuous State series, respectively, explored themes of Dystopian landscape and imagined architectural schemes of future social and political planning.

The exhibition included over 30 collages, prints and models, with many of the sculptures made specifically for the exhibition. 

ABSTRACT APARTMENT 1 - 26th - 28th June 2015 

ABSTRACT APARTMENT 2 - 24th - 26th June 2016 

Deborah House Studios, Hackney, London 

Curated by Mark Harris, Bob Matthews, Michael Samuels, Julian Wakelin 

Abstract Apartment is a series of developing installations and exhibitions that takes as its starting point the fabric and function of a building, its history, its layers, its framework and residue. It considers how spaces and materials shift with errant ease and questions our encounter and understanding of artworks. The  project explored the itinerant form between studio, gallery and domestic space, and the impact this trajectory has on the formation and reading of images and objects.  

Abstract Apartment 1 Artists: Phyillida Barlow Maria Chevska Serge de Waha Moyra Derby Adam Gillam Oona Grimes Ross Hanson Mark Harris Jack Lavender Bob Matthews Jost Munster Michael Samuels Martina Schmid Nigel Shafran Peter Suchin Brandon Taylor Julian Wakelin Will Yackulic Aishan Yu

 Abstract Apartment 2 Artists: Phillip Allen, Steve Bishop, Peter Fillingham, Amy Green, Mark Harris, Vincent Hawkins, Ansel Krut, Clunie Reid, Bob Matthews, Michael Samuels, Martina Schmid, Eva Stenram, Peter Suchin, Julian Wakelin, Will Yackulic